Jaguar Bath Fittings Advice

Hi, Jaguar here,

I want to talk to you about Bath Fittings. On average, a person visits the bathroom about 6-8 times a day for about 5 minutes, that’s 2,500 times a year, and over the course of one’s life, that’s about 2 years in the bathroom! As a result, the environment you create for yourself in your home or work bathroom is very important, and it all comes down to small details!

Jaguar Bathroom Fittings Advice

Your selection of bath fittings is astounding! A lot are mass produced, a lot are custom designed. Many you can pick up in your local stores, and even more you can order online.

So when it comes to bathroom fittings there really are 4 main things you should look at:

  1. Design
  2. Functionality
  3. Quality
  4. Price

So let’s have a quick analysis of each one shall we:

Bath Fittings Design

Will the water spray everywhere?
How many moving parts are there?
Will they still look good even if you give your bathroom a makeover?

Bath Fittings Functionality

How far does it rotate?
Can you adjust the temperature easily?
Does it give you enough room to wash your hands or fill a glass? (you’ll be surprised how many miss this one)

Bath Fittings Quality

Are they made out of more metal or more plastic?
Are the fittings heavy? (good sign)
What about the paint, is it ionized? (attaches better)

Price of Bathroom Fittings

Here this is a very personal issue, but suffice to say that you can get knockoffs of elaborate designs at a fraction of the price, without sacrificing too much quality. Ordering online is made harder because of this issue, since you only see the price and it’s not a good indication of quality. Have a look at the shipping weight as this will give you some secondary information on the cost.
Some reputable bath fittings are made by: Marc, Ess Ess, Delta, Hindware, Hansgrohe, Corsa, Lauret, Kohler and many more.

Jaguar Bath Fittings Favorites

Check out some of these bath fittings. I came across them, and liked them.

Traditional Designtraditional bath fittings Ornateornate bathroom fittings
Original and Cooloriginal bath fittings Modernmodern bath fittings
Shower-head from the futureshower head from the future Ads…